Saturday, February 20, 2016

Chord du Jour Dictionary

Yesterday's Chord of the Day was Gbsus2, and today's is Gbsus4. I really don't have anything to write at the moment, so here's the index of dictionary entries. Until next post -- keep jamming!


Abb Major Scale
Abb Power Chord (Abb5)

Ab Augmented Chord (Abaug)
Ab Blues Scale
Ab Diminished Chord (Adim)
Ab Dorian Mode
Ab Ionian Mode
Ab Lydian Mode
Ab Major Chord (Ab)
Ab Major Major 7th Chord (Abmaj7)
Ab Major Minor 7th Chord (Ab7)
Ab Major Pentatonic Scale
Ab Major Scale
Ab Minor Chord (Abm)
Ab Minor Minor 7th Chord (Abm7)
Ab Minor Pentatonic Scale
Ab Mixolydian Mode
Ab Neapolitan Major Scale
Ab Neapolitan Minor Scale
Ab Power Chord (Ab5)
Ab Suspended 2nd Chord (Absus2)
Ab Suspended 4th Chord (Absus4)

A Aeolian Mode
A Augmented Chord (Aaug)
A Blues Scale
A Diminished Chord (Adim)
A Dorian Mode
A Harmonic Minor Scale
A Ionian Mode
A Locrian Mode
A Lydian Mode
A Major Chord (A)
A Major Major 7th Chord (Amaj7)
A Major Minor 7th Chord (A7)
A Major Scale
A Melodic Minor Scale
A Minor Chord (Am)
A Minor Major 7th Chord (Am(maj7))
A Minor Minor 7th Chord (Am7)
A Minor Minor 7th Flattened 5th Chord (Am7b5)
A Major Pentatonic Scale
A Minor Pentatonic Scale
A Minor Scale
A Mixolydian Mode
A Neapolitan Major Scale
A Neapolitan Minor Scale
A Note
A Phrygian Dominant Scale
A Phrygian Mode
A Power Chord (A5)
A Suspended 2nd Chord (Asus2)
A Suspended 4th Chord (Asus4)

A# Augmented Chord (A#aug)
A# Blues Scale
A# Diminished Chord (A#dim)
A# Locrian Mode
A# Major Chord (A#)
A# Major Scale
A# Minor Chord (A#m)
A# Minor Minor 7th Chord (A#m7)
A# Minor Minor 7th Flattened 5th Chord (A#m7b5)
A# Minor Pentatonic Scale
A# Neapolitan Major Scale
A# Neapolitan Minor Scale
A# Phrygian Dominant Scale
A# Phrygian Mode
A# Power Chord (A#5)
A# Suspended 2nd Chord (A#sus2)
A# Suspended 4th Chord (A#sus4)

Bbb Augmented Chord (Bbbaug)
Bbb Diminished Chord (Bbbdim)
Bbb Major Chord (Bbb)
Bbb Major Scale
Bbb Power Chord (Bbb5)

Bb Aeolian Mode
Bb Augmented Chord (Bbaug)
Bb Blues Scale
Bb Diminished Chord (Bbdim)
Bb Dorian Mode
Bb Harmonic Minor Scale
Bb Ionian Mode
Bb Lydian Mode
Bb Major Chord (Bb)
Bb Major Major 7th Chord (Bbmaj7)
Bb Major Minor 7th Chord (Bb7)
Bb Major Pentatonic Scale
Bb Major Scale
Bb Melodic Minor Scale
Bb Minor Chord (Bbm)
Bb Minor Major 7th Chord (Bbm(maj7))
Bb Minor Minor 7th Chord (Bbm7)
Bb Minor Pentatonic Scale
Bb Minor Scale
Bb Mixolydian Mode
Bb Neapolitan Major Scale
Bb Neapolitan Minor Scale
Bb Phrygian Dominant Scale
Bb Phrygian Mode
Bb Power Chord (Bb5)
Bb Suspended 2nd Chord (Bbsus2)
Bb Suspended 4th Chord (Bbsus4)

B Aeolian Mode
B Augmented Chord (Baug)
B Blues Scale
B Diminished Chord (Bdim)
B Dorian Mode
B Harmonic Minor Scale
B Ionian Mode
B Locrian Mode
B Lydian Mode
B Major Chord (B)
B Major Major 7th Chord (Bmaj7)
B Major Minor 7th Chord (B7)
B Major Pentatonic Scale
B Major Scale
B Melodic Minor Scale
B Minor Chord (Bm)
B Minor Major 7th Chord (Bm(maj7))
B Minor Minor 7th Chord (Bm7)
B Minor Minor 7th Flattened 5th Chord (Bm7b5)
B Minor Pentatonic Scale
B Minor Scale
B Mixolydian Mode
B Neapolitan Major Scale
B Neapolitan Minor Scale
B Note
B Phrygian Dominant Scale
B Phrygian Mode
B Power Chord (B5)
B Suspended 2nd Chord (Bsus2)
B Suspended 4th Chord (Bsus4)

B# Augmented Chord (B#aug)
B# Diminished Chord (B#dim)
B# Blues Scale
B# Major Scale
B# Power Chord (B#5)

Cbb Major Scale
Cbb Power Chord (Cbb5)

Cb Augmented Chord (Cbaug)
Cb Blues Scale
Cb Diminished Chord (Cbdim)
Cb Lydian Mode
Cb Major Chord (Cb)
Cb Major Major 7th Chord (Cbmaj7)
Cb Major Pentatonic Scale
Cb Major Scale
Cb Minor Chord (Cbm)
Cb Power Chord (Cb5)
Cb Suspended 2nd Chord (Cbsus2)

C Aeolian Mode
C Augmented Chord (Caug)
C Blues Scale
C Diminished Chord (Cdim)
C Dorian Mode
C Harmonic Minor Scale
C Ionian Mode
C Locrian Mode
C Lydian Mode
C Major Chord (C)
C Major Major 7th Chord (Cmaj7)
C Major Minor 7th Chord (C7)
C Major Pentatonic Scale
C Major Scale
C Melodic Minor Scale
C Minor Chord (Cm)
C Minor Major 7th Chord (Cm(maj7))
C Minor Minor 7th Chord (Cm7)
C Minor Minor 7th Flattened 5th Chord (Cm7b5)
C Minor Pentatonic Scale
C Minor Scale
C Mixolydian Mode
C Neapolitan Major Scale
C Neapolitan Minor Scale
C Note
C Phrygian Dominant Scale
C Phrygian Mode
C Power Chord (C5)
C Suspended 2nd Chord (Csus2)
C Suspended 4th Chord (Csus4)

C# Aeolian Mode
C# Augmented Chord (C#aug)
C# Blues Scale
C# Diminished Chord (C#dim)
C# Dorian Mode
C# Harmonic Minor Scale
C# Locrian Mode
C# Major Chord (C#)
C# Major Minor 7th Chord (C#7)
C# Major Pentatonic Scale
C# Major Scale
C# Melodic Minor Scale
C# Minor Chord (C#m)
C# Minor Major 7th Chord (C#m(maj7))
C# Minor Minor 7th Chord (C#m7)
C# Minor Minor 7th Flattened 5th Chord (C#m7b5)
C# Minor Pentatonic Scale
C# Minor Scale
C# Mixolydian Mode
C# Neapolitan Major Scale
C# Neapolitan Minor Scale
C# Phrygian Dominant Scale
C# Phrygian Mode
C# Power Chord (C#5)
C# Suspended 2nd Chord (C#sus2)
C# Suspended 4th Chord (C#sus4)

Cx Augmented Chord (Cxaug)
Cx Diminished Chord (Cxdim)
Cx Major Scale
Cx Power Chord (Cx5)

Dbb Major Scale
Dbb Power Chord (Dbb5)

Db Augmented Chord (Dbaug)
Db Blues Scale
Db Diminished Chord (Dbdim)
Db Ionian Mode
Db Lydian Mode
Db Major Chord (Db)
Db Major Major 7th Chord (Dbmaj7)
Db Major Minor 7th Chord (Db7)
Db Major Pentatonic Scale
Db Major Scale
Db Minor Chord (Dbm)
Db Mixolydian Mode
Db Neapolitan Major Scale
Db Neapolitan Minor Scale
Db Power Chord (Db5)
Db Suspended 2nd Chord (Dbsus2)
Db Suspended 4th Chord (Dbsus4)

D Aeolian Mode
D Augmented Chord (Daug)
D Blues Scale
D Diminished Chord (Ddim)
D Dorian Mode
D Harmonic Minor Scale
D Ionian Mode
D Locrian Mode
D Lydian Mode
D Major Chord (D)
D Major Major 7th Chord (Dmaj7)
D Major Minor 7th Chord (D7)
D Major Pentatonic Scale
D Major Scale
D Melodic Minor Scale
D Minor Pentatonic Scale
D Minor Scale
D Minor Chord (Dm)
D Minor Major 7th Chord (Dm(maj7))
D Minor Minor 7th Chord (Dm7)
D Minor Minor 7th Flattened 5th Chord (Dm7b5)
D Mixolydian Mode
D Neapolitan Major Scale
D Neapolitan Minor Scale
D Note
D Phrygian Dominant Scale
D Phrygian Mode
D Power Chord (D5)
D Suspended 2nd Chord (Dsus2)
D Suspended 4th Chord (Dsus4)

D# Aeolian Mode
D# Augmented Chord (D#aug)
D# Blues Scale
D# Diminished Chord (D#dim)
D# Harmonic Minor Scale
D# Locrian Mode
D# Major Chord (D#)
D# Major Scale
D# Melodic Minor Scale
D# Minor Pentatonic Scale
D# Minor Scale
D# Minor Chord (D#m)
D# Minor Major 7th Chord (D#m(maj7))
D# Minor Minor 7th Chord (D#m7)
D# Minor Minor 7th Flattened 5th Chord (D#m7b5)
D# Neapolitan Major Scale
D# Neapolitan Minor Scale
D# Phrygian Dominant Scale
D# Phrygian Mode
D# Power Chord (D#5)
D# Suspended 2nd Chord (D#sus2)
D# Suspended 4th Chord (D#sus4)


Ebb Augmented Chord (Ebbaug)
Ebb Major Chord (Ebb)
Ebb Major Scale
Ebb Power Chord (Ebb5)

Eb Aeolian Mode
Eb Augmented Chord (Ebaug)
Eb Blues Scale
Eb Diminished Chord (Ebdim)
Eb Dorian Mode
Eb Harmonic Minor Scale
Eb Ionian Mode
Eb Lydian Mode
Eb Major Chord (Eb)
Eb Major Major 7th Chord (Ebmaj7)
Eb Major Minor 7th Chord (Eb7)
Eb Major Pentatonic Scale
Eb Major Scale
Eb Melodic Minor Scale
Eb Minor Chord (Ebm)
Eb Minor Major 7th Chord (Ebm(maj7))
Eb Minor Minor 7th Chord (Ebm7)
Eb Minor Pentatonic Scale
Eb Minor Scale
Eb Mixolydian Mode
Eb Neapolitan Major Scale
Eb Neapolitan Minor Scale
Eb Power Chord (Eb5)
Eb Suspended 2nd Chord (Ebsus2)
Eb Suspended 4th Chord (Ebsus4)

E Aeolian Mode
E Augmented Chord (Eaug)
E Blues Scale
E Diminished Chord (Edim)
E Dorian Mode
E Harmonic Minor Scale
E Ionian Mode
E Locrian Mode
E Lydian Mode
E Major Chord (E)
E Major Major 7th Chord (Emaj7)
E Major Minor 7th Chord (E7)
E Major Pentatonic Scale
E Major Scale
E Melodic Minor Scale
E Minor Chord (Em)
E Minor Major 7th Chord (Em(maj7))
E Minor Minor 7th Chord (Em7)
E Minor Minor 7th Flattened 5th Chord (Em7b5)
E Minor Pentatonic Scale
E Minor Scale
E Mixolydian Mode
E Neapolitan Major Scale
E Neapolitan Minor Scale
E Note
E Phrygian Dominant Scale
E Phrygian Mode
E Power Chord (E5)
E Suspended 2nd Chord (Esus2)
E Suspended 4th Chord (Esus4)

E# Augmented Chord (E#aug)
E# Blues Scale
E# Diminished Chord (E#dim)
E# Major Scale
E# Minor Minor 7th Flattened 5th Chord (E#m7b5)
E# Locrian Mode
E# Neapolitan Major Scale
E# Neapolitan Minor Scale
E# Power Chord (E#5)
E# Suspended 4th Chord (E#sus4)


Fb Augmented Chord (Fbaug)
Fb Blues Scale
Fb Diminished Chord (Fbdim)
Fb Major Chord (Fb)
Fb Major Scale
Fb Power Chord (Fb5)

F Aeolian Mode
F Augmented Chord (Faug)
F Blues Scale
F Diminished Chord (Fdim)
F Dorian Mode
F Harmonic Minor Scale
F Ionian Mode
F Locrian Mode
F Lydian Mode
F Major Chord (F)
F Major Major 7th Chord (Fmaj7)
F Major Minor 7th Chord (F7)
F Major Pentatonic Scale
F Major Scale
F Melodic Minor Scale
F Minor Chord (Fm)
F Minor Major 7th Chord (Fm(maj7))
F Minor Minor 7th Chord (Fm7)
F Minor Minor 7th Flattened 5th Chord (Fm7b5)
F Minor Pentatonic Scale
F Minor Scale
F Mixolydian Mode
F Neapolitan Major Scale
F Neapolitan Minor Scale
F Note
F Phrygian Dominant Scale
F Phrygian Mode
F Power Chord (F5)
F Suspended 2nd Chord (Fsus2)
F Suspended 4th Chord (Fsus4)

F# Aeolian Mode
F# Augmented Chord (F#aug)
F# Blues Scale
F# Diminished Chord (F#dim)
F# Dorian Mode
F# Harmonic Minor Scale
F# Ionian Mode
F# Locrian Mode
F# Major Chord (F#)
F# Major Major 7th Chord (F#maj7)
F# Major Minor 7th Chord (F#7)
F# Major Pentatonic Scale
F# Major Scale
F# Melodic Minor Scale
F# Minor Chord (F#m)
F# Minor Major 7th Chord (F#m(maj7))
F# Minor Minor 7th Chord (F#m7)
F# Minor Minor 7th Flattened 5th Chord (F#m7b5)
F# Minor Pentatonic Scale
F# Minor Scale
F# Mixolydian Mode
F# Neapolitan Major Scale
F# Neapolitan Minor Scale
F# Phrygian Dominant Scale
F# Phrygian Mode
F# Power Chord (F#5)
F# Suspended 2nd Chord (F#sus2)
F# Suspended 4th Chord (F#sus4)

Fx Augmented Chord (Fxaug)
Fx Diminished Chord (Fxdim)
Fx Major Scale
Fx Power Chord (Fx5)


Gbb Major Scale
Gbb Power Chord (Gbb5)

Gb Augmented Chord (Gbaug)
Gb Blues Scale
Gb Diminished Chord (Gbdim)
Gb Ionian Mode
Gb Lydian Mode
Gb Major Chord (Gb)
Gb Major Major 7th Chord (Gbmaj7)
Gb Major Pentatonic Scale
Gb Major Scale
Gb Minor Chord (Gbm)
Gb Neapolitan Major Scale
Gb Neapolitan Minor Scale
Gb Power Chord (Gb5)
Gb Suspended 2nd Chord (Gbsus2)
Gb Suspended 4th Chord (Gbsus4)

G Aeolian Mode
G Blues Scale
G Augmented Chord (Gaug)
G Diminished Chord (Gdim)
G Dorian Mode
G Harmonic Minor Scale
G Ionian Mode
G Locrian Mode
G Lydian Mode
G Major Chord (G)
G Major Major 7th Chord (Gmaj7)
G Major Minor 7th Chord (G7)
G Major Pentatonic Scale
G Major Scale
G Melodic Minor Scale
G Minor Pentatonic Scale
G Minor Chord (Gm)
G Minor Major 7th Chord (Gm(maj7))
G Minor Minor 7th Chord (Gm7)
G Minor Minor 7th Flattened 5th Chord (Gm7b5)
G Minor Scale
G Mixolydian Mode
G Neapolitan Major Scale
G Neapolitan Minor Scale
G Note
G Phrygian Dominant Scale
G Phrygian Mode
G Power Chord (G5)
G Suspended 2nd Chord (Gsus2)
G Suspended 4th Chord (Gsus4)

G# Aeolian Mode
G#aug Chord
G# Blues Scale
G#dim Chord
G# Dorian Mode
G# Harmonic Minor Scale
G# Locrian Mode
G# Chord
G# Major Scale
G# Melodic Minor Scale
G#m Chord
G#m(maj7) Chord
G#m7 Chord
G#m7b5 Chord
G# Minor Pentatonic Scale
G# Minor Scale
G# Neapolitan Major Scale
G# Neapolitan Minor Scale
G# Phrygian Dominant Scale
G# Phrygian Mode
G#5 Power Chord
G#sus2 Chord
G#sus4 Chord

Gxaug Chord


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