Friday, September 13, 2013

Update: Alternate Spellings for Diminished Triads

This might not be technically correct as far as music theory goes, but we've updated several entries for diminished chords with alternate spellings.  Our rationale is that the correct enharmonic might not register while playing within a scale that uses a different note name.

For example, the D diminished chord consists of the D, F, and Ab notes.  The A harmonic minor scale is A, B, C, D, E, F, G#, and A.  The Ddim chord exists in the A harmonic scale as the following notes:  D, F, and G#, where G-sharp is the enharmonic of A-flat.  When working within the framework of the A harmonic minor scale, it would be more convenient to use the G# note over the Ab note.  That's why we included these alternate, non-standard spellings of various minor chords, linked to below:

Ddim:  Usually D-F-Ab; D-F-G# in A harmonic minor.
Adim:  Usually A-C-Eb; A-C-D# in E harmonic minor.
Edim:  Usually E-G-Bb; E-G-A# in B harmonic minor.
Bdim:  Usually B-D-F; B-D-E# in F# harmonic minor.
F#dim:  Usually F#-A-C; F#-A-B# in C# harmonic minor.
C#dim:  Usually C#-E-G; C#-E-Fx in G# harmonic minor.
G#dim:  Usually G#-B-D; G#-B-Cx in D# harmonic minor.
Abdim:  Usually Ab-Cb-Ebb; Ab-Cb-D in Eb harmonic minor.
Ebdim:  Usually Eb-Gb-Bbb; Eb-Gb-A in Bb harmonic minor.
Bbdim:  Usually Bb-Db-Fb; Bb-Db-E in F harmonic minor.
Fdim:  Usually F-Ab-Cb; F-Ab-B in C harmonic minor.
Cdim:  Usually C-Eb-Gb; C-Eb-F# in G harmonic minor.
Gdim:  Usually G-Bb-Db; G-Bb-C# in D harmonic minor.

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