Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jam Session Rewind: 104k, or the Grand Dramatic Chord Progression

The four chords of Jam Session 104k (8:52; see original show notes) need to be incorporated into a song.  The progression -- Am-F-C-E -- has that epic feel, like the overly-used Am-F-C-G chord progression, but instead of ending with G, we end with E major.  With the E major chord (E, G#, and B notes), we shift from the A natural minor scale (Aeolian mode:  A B C D E F G A) to the somewhat more dramatic A harmonic minor scale (A B C D E F G# A).

I rerecorded the four chords with some more guitars, as well as bass and drums that kick in around 4:44; this recording is Backtrack 104k (5:41; see show notes):

As for using Am-F-C-E (or equivalent in another key) in a song, I've tried.  I've placed it in so many arrangements that it's bound to stick sooner or later.  We'll be back with another Jam Session Rewind next week, but we'll have lots of Chord du Jour between now and then.

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