Thursday, November 26, 2009

Jam Session 104k with Am F C E (Piano, Guitar)

Here are some show/lesson/jam session notes for Jam Session 104k:

  • We are playing in the key of A minor.
  • We are using familiar chords in C because A minor is the relative minor of C major.
  • C Major:  C D E F G A B C (the white keys on a piano).
  • A Minor:  A B C D E F G A (same keys).
  • At one point in the jam session, Jon plays with an EBow, instead of a guitar pick, to magnetically 'bow' the guitar string he's playing.  It's a nifty effect.
  • The chord progression is Am F C E.  The E major (E G# B) technically comes from the use of the A harmonic minor scale (A B C D E F G# A), but it just sounds good, in any case.

There's no fancy technique to Ryan's piano playing, other than playing the chords with both his hands (one triad each), with some embellishments with his right hand.  There's a descending melody line at one point:  A minor (E D C A); F major (C B A F); C major (G F E C); E major (B A G# E).

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