Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jam Session Rewind: 103l, or the Song That Almost Was

Jam Session 103l (8:09; see original show notes) almost became a song.  Well, it can still be one, but its development has been put on hold for a while.  Let's start from the beginning:

My brother Jon came up with the simple-yet-dramatic, waltzy chord progression.  I translated the chord progression as a effects-laden riff on the bass.

I decided to rerecord the progression with some drums, and so it became Backtrack 103l (5:44; see show notes).

We added a couple of newer progressions (for the chorus and bridge) and some lyrics -- a complete song was pretty much good to go by January of 2010.  I guess I had second thoughts with the overall flow of the song, the pacing, the melody, etc., so this D minor song has been put on hold for a long while now.

As you can see, because we never finished the song, there is no MP3 example for this blog.  We'll get around to it, eventually.

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