Thursday, November 27, 2014

Chord "Deux" Jour Challenge: No Chords, or Almost All the Basic Chords?

The Chord "Deux" Jour Challenge means learning or expanding upon two chords per day for 49 days, with no new chord maps for today, the Thanksgiving holiday in the USA (rhymes intended). Check out the full list here.

Guitarists, here's a rundown of the chords you should know by now:

Open/First Position Chords
Dm, Dm7
F, Fmaj7
Am, Am7
C, Cmaj7
Em, Em7
G, G7, Gmaj7
D, D7, Dmaj7
A, A7, Amaj7
E, E7

Barre/Moveable Chords
Low E String Major Chord, A String Major Chord
Low E String Minor Chord, A String Minor Chord
Low E String Diminished Chord, A String Diminished Chord
Low E String Dominant 7th Chord, A String Dominant 7th Chord
Low E String Minor 7th Chord, A String Minor 7th Chord
A String Major 7th Chord

You can figure out the name of (most) barre chords by the lowest note; the root note of the chord is usually located on the low E string or A string. 

Fret Number (Low E String Note, A String Note)
00 (E/Fb, A)
01 (E#/F, A#/Bb)
02 (F#/Gb, B/Cb)
03 (G, B#/C)
04 (G#/Ab, C#/Db)
05 (A, D)
06 (A#/Bb, D#/Eb)
07 (B/Cb, E/Fb)
08 (B#/C, E#/F)
09 (C#/Db, F#/Gb)
10 (D, G)
11 (D#/Eb, G#/Ab)
12 (E/Fb, A)

Guitarists, we'll get to the Low E String Major 7th Barre Chord shape and the open C7 chord soon, which will essentially complete all the chords covered in the Chord "Deux" Jour Challenge. In the past, this blog has covered other chords, such as power chords, augmented chords, and suspended chords. In the future, we'll get into more complicated chords, as well as the CAGED system for guitar chord shapes.

Keyboardists, here is the basic formula for all the chords in this two-chord daily Challenge:

A? chord = A?-C?-E?
B? chord = B?-D?-F?
C? chord = C?-E?-G?
D? chord = D?-F?-A?
E? chord = E?-G?-B?
F? chord = F?-A?-C?
G? chord = G?-B?-D?

For example, C#dim = C#-E-G

7th Chords
A?7? chord = A?-C?-E?-G?
B?7? chord = B?-D?-F?-A?
C?7? chord = C?-E?-G?-B?
D?7? chord = D?-F?-A?-C?
E?7? chord = E?-G?-B?-D?
F?7? chord = F?-A?-C?-E?
G?7? chord = G?-B?-D?-F?

For example, Emaj7 = E-G#-B-D#

Happy Thanksgiving. Two maps tomorrow. Cheers!

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