Saturday, November 15, 2014

Chord "Deux" Jour Challenge: C#m and E

The Chord "Deux" Jour Challenge means learning or expanding upon two chords per day. Check out the full list here.

Each chord "map" attempts to appeal to both beginners and intermediate/advanced guitarists and keyboardists. Simple chord voicings for beginners are provided with the following finger system:

1 index finger
2 middle finger
3 ring finger
4 little finger
o play open string
x do not play open string
( bar one finger over more than one string
T that rare occasion that I recommend you use your thumb to fret a note

Today's first chord is C-sharp minor, or C#m:

Guitarists, take that Bm chord, and shift that shape up two frets, with your index finger (1) as a barre behind the 4th fret.

Keyboardists, take the C#dim's diminshed 5th, a G note, and turn it into a perfect 5th, a G# note. That's C#m.

Today's second chord is E major, usually symbolized by the letter E:

Guitarists, the E chord is usually about the third chord taught to beginners.  If you were a beginner when you first accepted the Chord "Deux" Jour Challenge, then E is the 30th chord under your belt.

Keyboardists, take the Em chord's minor 3rd, a G note, and turn it into a major 3rd, a G# note. That's E.

Two more tomorrow. Cheers!

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