Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Chord "Deux" Jour Challenge: G#m7b5 and G#m

The Chord "Deux" Jour Challenge means learning or expanding upon two chords per day for 49 days (Thanksgiving off). Check out the full list here.

Each chord map attempts to appeal to both beginners and intermediate/advanced guitarists and keyboardists. Simple chord shapes for beginners are provided with the following finger system:

1 index finger
2 middle finger
3 ring finger
4 little finger
o play open string
x do not play open string
( bar one finger over more than one string
T that rare occasion that I recommend you use your thumb to fret a note

Today's first chord is G-sharp minor (minor) 7th flat/flatted/flattened 5th, or G#m7b5:

Guitarists, one day, you'll find a use for this chord, and when that day comes, you'll thank Chord du Jour. Hopefully.

Keyboardists, G#dim + Bm = G#m7b5. It's basic triad math, which probably isn't a thing.

The next chord is G-sharp minor, or G#m:

Guitarists, take the F#m chord and go two frets higher. Your index finger (1) should be a barre behind the 4th fret. The low E string at the 4th fret is a G# note. Now you know how barre chords work. If not, I'll have more examples as the challenge moves on.

Keyboardists, a minor triad is created by a root note, a minor third, and a perfect fifth. G#m contains a root note (G#), a minor third (B), and a perfect fifth (D#). In contrast, G#dim (from the day before yesterday) contains a root note (G#), a minor third (B), and a diminished (flat) 5th (D).

Two more tomorrow. Cheers!

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