Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Chord "Deux" Jour Challenge: C7 and Em7b5

The Chord "Deux" Jour Challenge means learning or expanding upon two chords per day for 49 days. Check out the full list here.

Each chord map will hopefully appeal to guitarists and keyboardists of all skill levels. Simple chord shapes for novice guitarists are provided with the following finger system:

1 index finger
2 middle finger
3 ring finger
4 little finger
o play open string
x do not play open string
( bar one finger over more than one string
T that rare occasion that I recommend you use your thumb to fret a note (which probably won't show up during the Challenge)

Today is Christmas Eve, so it is quite appropriate that today's chord maps are colored red and green -- the usual Christmas colors.  Today's first chord is the slightly-anticipated C dominant 7th (C7) open chord shape:

The final chord of the 49-day Chord "Deux" Jour Challenge is E minor (minor) 7th flattened 5th, or Em7b5:

Guitarists, this particular voicing uses open low E and high E strings. And there you have it, you've all done well.

Keyboardists, you've all done well, as well.

Merry Christmas tomorrow, and I hope you all are having a fantastic holiday season! If I don't post anything until 2015, I want to wish you all a Happy New Year! Cheers!

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