Friday, July 11, 2008

FXpansion VST to RTAS Adapter (Recording)

FXpansion's VST to RTAS Plug-In Wrapper is one of the most essential of essential Pro Tools add-ons. It opens the door for you to use a myriad of free/open source VST plug-ins in Pro Tools. (Just Google it!) Normally, VST plug-ins would not work in Pro Tools, as it uses proprietary RTAS technology instead. The adapter wraps most VST plug-ins so that Pro Tools will accept it for RTAS use.

Be warned, though, that not all free VST plug-ins are coded well enough for use in Pro Tools (you get what you pay for). For every new wrapped VST plug-in you must test it in Pro Tools, especially during the "Bounce to Disk" process. A faulty VST plug-in might cause an RTAS error, crash your session, or worse!

For more information, please go to the FXpansion website. The program usually costs between $100 and $120 (depending on the current conversion from Great Britain pounds to United States dollars). FXPansion also sells a sister program that wraps VST plug-ins as AU plug-ins, for use in Apple's Garage Band and Logic (and other Apple production programs).

Be careful, but have fun recording!

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