Saturday, July 12, 2008

BIAS SoundSoap (Recording)

I'd have to say that BIAS SoundSoap 2 and BIAS SoundSoap Pro aren't the most essential of "essential Pro Tools" plug-ins. Why? If you record with low signal-to-noise ratio equipment and in finely tuned recording rooms, then you might not need to use the SoundSoap plug-in. However, if your recordings suffer from background noise or 60-cycle hum (due to single coil pickups or faulty electrical wiring), a SoundSoap product can probably save the day.

SoundSoap 2 can be used as a standalone program, so you can "clean"/restore your masters (or scratchy vinyl transfers or hissy cassette tape digitizing) with ease but with less options than SoundSoap Pro. SoundSoap 2 can also be used as a VST or RTAS plug-in for your DAW.

SoundSoap Pro cannot be used as a standalone program, but needs a DAW to host its VST or RTAS plug-in capabilities. On the other hand, SoundSoap Pro is a much stronger program than its budget-minded counterpart.

Speaking of price, SoundSoap 2 costs between $80 and $100 from most retailers, and SoundSoap Pro usually runs around $500. HOWEVER, here's a little tip for those who want to get their feet wet in audio restoration and save money as they progress:

1. Buy SoundSoap 2.
2. Make sure you register with BIAS (you have to, anyway) and receive their periodic newsletters.
3. There is a chance that BIAS will send you an offer to upgrade to SoundSoap Pro for a couple hundred dollars less (but don't take my word for it!), as well as other BIAS products (like Repli-Q) at deep discounts.

It kind of makes you wonder if BIAS and/or retailers are high-balling you in the first place. In any case, check out the BIAS website for more information about SoundSoap 2 and SoundSoap Pro.

As always, have fun producing great music!

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