Tuesday, May 4, 2010

F# Chord (Guitar) + Jam Session 108i + Transposition

The Chord of the Day is F# major for the guitar, on the 9th fret:

Chords for Jam Session 108i:  C#m E F# A

Jam Session Notes:  We already repeated this Jam Session in April.  (See repeat notes from April and original notes from January.)  We're sorry about that.  So let's try to transpose the chord progression, originally in C# minor, to - let's say - F# minor:

F#m A B D

If that doesn't work for you, let's try to transpose the progression to B minor:

Bm D E G

How about E minor?  Em G A C

How about A minor?  Am C D F

D minor?  Dm F G Bb

G minor?  Gm Bb C Eb

C minor?  Cm Eb F Ab

F minor?  Fm Ab Bb Db

Bb minor?  Bbm Db Eb Gb

Eb minor?  Ebm Gb Ab B

G#m minor?  G#m B C# E

Do you see a pattern here?

Jam Session Serving Suggestions:  Now that you are comfortable with transposing a key.  Try harmonizing melodies and lead lines within a key.  You'd have to be familiar with major 3rds, minor 3rds, 4ths, 5ths, etc., to do it manually.  Or you can use a bit o' technology to "cheat."

TC Helicon VoiceTone Harmony G-XT Vocal Harmony and Effects Pedal for GuitaristsElectro-Harmonix Voice Box Harmony Machine/VocoderDigiTech Vocalist Live 4 Harmony ProcessorDigiTech Vocalist Live 2 Harmony Processor ¹

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