Friday, March 19, 2010

NEW! Jam Session 203o + Dm Chord (Piano)

The Chord of the Day is D minor for piano:

Chords for Jam Session 203o:  Dm G F; Bb C

Jam Session Notes


     Dm                    G        F           Repeat three times
E  |-1-------------------|-3--------1---------|---------------------|
B  |-3-------------------|-3--------1---------|---------------------|
G  |-2-------------------|-0--------2---------|---------------------|
D  |-0-------------------|-0--------3---------|---------------------|
A  |---------------------|-2--------3---------|---------------------|
E  |---------------------|-3--------1---------|---------------------|
     Bb                    C
E  |-1-------------------|-3------------------|---------------------|
B  |-3-------------------|-5------------------|---------------------|
G  |-3-------------------|-5------------------|---------------------|
D  |-3-------------------|-5------------------|---------------------|
A  |-1-------------------|-3------------------|---------------------|
E  |---------------------|--------------------|---------------------| 

Jam Session Serving Suggestions:  MIDI controllers come in all sorts of sizes (number of keys), features (knobs and buttons), and feel (non-weighted, semi-weighted, and weighted keys)...and of course, price.  If you have a price limit on a MIDI controller, we recommend you consider the aforementioned factors in this order:  Feel, size, then features.

M-Audio Oxygen 25 - USB MIDI ControllerM-Audio Oxygen 49 - USB MIDI ControllerM-Audio Keystation 61es USB MIDI ControllerM-Audio Keystation 88es USB MIDI Keyboard ControllerM-Audio Keystation Pro 88 MIDI Controller

Feel.  If you want to play your controller like a piano, go for weighted keys.  Semi-weighted will also do just fine.  Non-weighted keys are better used to trigger sounds and not so much for that piano feel.

Size.  It's always good to have a couple of octaves ready for playing.  If you are stuck with about (or less than) two octaves of keys, you'll have to press the octave buttons quite a bit, which brings us to...

Features.  These are usually knobs, sliders, faders, and other buttons on the MIDI controller.  You can use related software to program these to have full control over your MIDI performance.  If you like programming your controller with short cuts, go for the one with lots of bells and whistles.  If you'd rather use a software GUI for control, go for the simpler controllers.  Or somewhere in between.

There are also MIDI controllers that don't look like piano keyboards, but that is another discussion for another time...

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